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Why the name "Degree 212"?

In the case of water, the temperature reaches 211°F without any visible change, but at 212°F, it undergoes a significant transformation into steam. This transformation is symbolic of the extra effort, the additional degree, that makes the entire process worthwhile. It represents a threshold, a point of change, where the water moves from one state to another.

Applied to Degree 212 Investment Services, the metaphor suggests that managing personal wealth also has a transformative point - the 212th degree. This degree represents the commitment of the company to go beyond the ordinary, to deliver that extra level of concern, understanding, competence, and trust in personal wealth management. It signifies a commitment to providing a service that transcends the basic expectations, making the journey of managing wealth not just about numbers but about a holistic and transformative experience for the client.

In essence, the correlation lies in the concept that just as the water's transformation into steam at 212°F is the defining moment, Degree 212 Investment Services aims to be the defining factor in personal wealth management, making the entire journey more meaningful and valuable for their clients.

Our Belief:

Our Belief emphasizes a comprehensive approach to financial advisory services that goes beyond mere product recommendations and monitoring. It reflects the commitment to a personalized, emotionally intelligent, and all-encompassing approach to personal wealth management, aiming to provide clients with not just financial advice but a supportive and secure experience that addresses the various dimensions of their financial journey. Following are the key components of our belief:

  • Holistic Approach to Personal Wealth Management
  • Understanding Market Emotions
  • Supporting Investors and Dependents
  • Issues in Personal Wealth Management
  • Tailor-Made Experience

Our Mission:

The mission and objectives of Degree 212 Investment Services & IMF Pvt Ltd, emphasizes the firm's commitment to going the extra mile in personal financial advisory services. The firm's mission is to be a proactive, personalized, and technologically savvy personal investment services. It emphasizes the commitment to client goals, the use of technology for efficiency, and the importance of trust, security, and transparency in the wealth management experience provided by Degree 212 Investment Services.

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